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It began with serendipity and an idea. Quite by chance Keith LeVine purchased a used typewriter at a tag sale. Now he had a typewriter and nothing to write about nor anyone to whom he could write. Then came the idea. That idea was to unite the locksmiths of Connecticut in common cause. To enable them to escape their tinker image and for them to become recognized and respected craftsman.

In April 1958 postcards were received by most of the locksmiths in Connecticut inviting them to a meeting in Hartford of a new - about to be - organization:

The Locksmith Association of Connecticut.

When the group of locksmiths arrived for this meeting, Mr. LeVine and others spoke of the advantages in having a statewide locksmith association for the betterment of locksmiths.

There were numerous meetings during that summer, and in September, 1958 the first full term officers were elected and adopted the L.A.O.C. by-laws.


L.O.A.C. Inc. is formed by, of and for the Locksmiths of Connecticut, to aid in the furthering of its members’ knowledge, to assist in mutual cooperation among its members, and for other aims and purposes as expressed in its Charter.


To establish standards of qualification for membership, a uniform code of ethics, and all other purposes as delineated in the Constitution and other aims and objectives as may, from time to time, be adopted by the membership as a objective of the Association.


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